May Goals…

I work on my physical wellness almost everyday, so for the month of May, I am going to focus on my mental/emotional wellness…

  • No more sweating the small stuff…and this means the actions of others; if it doesn’t affect me directly, then I’m not sweating it.
  • No more verbal vomit to people other than my husband.  I need to keep the verbal vomit within the confines of my family anyway.  Never know who’s going to spew MY vomit to others.
  • Find 1 positive quote/thought and post it so that I can remember it and look at it as the day goes on.
  • Make amends with those who I felt have wronged me or I have offended and move on.
  • Participate in my own random acts of kindness challenge.  More info to come.

Looking forward to May!  What are your goals for the month?

  1. burgers2biceps said: Sweating the small stuff causes unnecessary wrinkles ;) you’re too pretty for that!
  2. celebratingorselfmedicating said: These are great!! I want to do similar…I struggle so much w/ the sweating the small stuff one!
  3. mom-athlete posted this

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